As a homeowner, you deserve the best carpet choices at a fair price. The professional carpet installers at Jamison Carpets and Flooring provide carpet solutions that fit your budget and decor. We carry all major carpet brands, and we are proud to call ourselves the number one dealer of Dream Weaver.

As an extra touch of high quality product and superior customer service, our staff never upsells on pads, since we only offer the best pad available with every carpet purchase.

Jamison Carpets and Flooring takes prices back to the square yard, which harkens back to how carpet was sold for years. When big box chain stores opened, prices changes from square yard to square foot. With this large stores, all other services are sold individually, including pads and installation. The prices sound cheap until the final number. With Jamison Carpets and Flooring, installation costs are included, while any other extra costs are discussed upfront, which would only include taking up old carpeting or moving furniture.

Give Jamison Carpets and Flooring your last shot. No matter what price you get from anyone else, we will always beat it with our upfront prices and quality products.